Legal Hemp Oil

The Athletic Benefits of Hemp Oil

Hemp Oil – Supplement Profile

Hemp oil, not the stuff you roll up and smoke, but the oil from the seed. Containing essential fatty acids (EFA’s). Essential fatty acids, omega 3 (alpha-linolenic and omega 6 (linoleic) cannot be made by the body. Necessary for life (no EFA’ life–capish). Take in through foods or supplementation.

Benefits Of Hemp

Some of the positive benefits of EFA’s include: decreased catabolism and increased growth hormone secretion , improving the action of insulin, enhancing oxygen utilization and energy transformation required for optimal performance, decreasing total serum cholesterol and increase HDL , improving testosterone production, supporting liver function and enhanced immune function, and improving the condition of hair and nails as well as increase nitrogen retention.

WOW! A lot of these effects are exactly what athletes are looking for through the use of a variety of products but hemp oil delivers these benefits in one power packed dietary supplement. I’m getting excited just writing about it!

Hemp oil, nature’s most perfectly balanced EFA oil. It contains both EFA’s in the right proportions for long term use and also contains GLA (gamma linolenic acid). It is the only vegetable oil with this combination.

Legal Hemp Oil

Completely legal and high quality hemp oil should contain no THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). THC is responsible for causing a positive reading on a drug test. (be warned that by taking lower quality hemp oil, it is possible to cause a false positive reading on a drug test).

Flaxseed oil, useful in treating degenerative type diseases. However, way too rich in omega 3 (alpha linolenic) fatty acids (about 4 times as much omega 3 as omega 6) to be used exclusively for a long period of time. Hemp seed oil can be used for a long period of time without causing an EFA imbalance or deficiency. This is because it contains a 3:1 ratio of omega 6 to omega 3 fatty acids for better balance in the long run.

Blocking DHT

It also contains almost 2% GLA (this omega 6 derivative is a key ingredient in evening primrose oil and borage oil and has been shown to have positive effects on the liver as well as blocking DHT production–DHT = baldness and prostate problems–not a pretty picture).

Hemp oil tastes better than flaxseed oil and is green in color due to its content of magnesium containing chlorophyll. It is also available in capsules. Remember, it is imperative to keep essential oils away from light, heat, and oxygen as much as possible. Keep hemp oil refrigerated.

Overall, hemp oil holds great promise for athletes and fitness buffs trying to maximize their performance by benefiting from all of the effects of EFA’s.

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