How Does The New Legal Anavar Alternative Compare To Oxandrolone? [Review]

OxAnivar is a New Legal Anavar Alternative by Muscle Labs USA. You might be surprised when you loearn how effective this legal steroid actually is.

Improving outer appearance is one of the main reasons why people workout. The original Anavar was said to be milder than other anabolic steroids because associated side effects were nowhere near as harsh as what some of the other steroids caused.

Anavar is usually used to aid weight loss and achieve muscle gains. Legal Anavar, Oxanivar, is safe with no banned ingredients.

This steroid is ideal for someone looking to enhance muscle size and definition whilst avoiding that over-bulky or even puffy appearance. Cycling Anavar is a great way of achieving a lean and defined appearance.

Unfortunately as is the case with most anabolic steroids, there are certain side effects that need to be contended with. Anavar is certainly no exception.

Common side effects associated with using Anavar (Oxandrolone) include:

  • Raised blood pressure
  • Gynaecomastia
  • Acne
  • Hair loss

Considering that no one wants to experience these side effects, certain supplement developers have started looking at different ways of producing safer alternatives to Anavar.

Muscle Labs USA immediately springs to mind because they claim to have developed a safer alternative to Anavar that contains natural ingredients and is side effect free. With OxAnivar you can expect all the benefits, without any side effects.

Introducing OxAnivar, TheLegal Anavar Alternative from Muscle Labs USA

Legal Anavar, Oxanivar, specifically designed to provide a number of benefits for individuals looking to cut.

Oxanivar, effective as the original Anavar in terms of providing benefits geared towards:

  • Cutting
  • Strength
  • Energy

Muscle Labs USA claims that the ingredients used in Oxanivar will help to enhance strength and energy by stimulating phosphocreatine synthesis inside the muscle tissue.

Legal Anavar Alternative

This supplement is ideal for cutting cycles, meaning users will shed body fat and retain lean muscle, resulting in a super lean and cut appearance. Both men and women can use this supplement.

Legal Anavar and ATP

According to the Muscle Labs USA, ATP (adenosine triphosphate) provides muscles with energy, allowing them to contract. The muscles themselves only contain enough ATP to allow for very short movements, typically no longer than a few seconds.

In order to enjoy ongoing muscle contraction during workouts, the body requires more ATP. In order to achieve this, phosphocreatine is needed, which helps to regenerate ATP vital for bursts of energy, especially during a weights session.

Helps to increase phosphocreatine levels, allowing for quick ATP creation, meaning much more energy.

Also provides ongoing energy and “explosive power you need to push your workout harder and longer, whilst shedding fat for a harder, sharper, lean body.”

Oxanivar is 100% Natural and Claims to:

  • Increase explosive power and strength
  • Rid the body of visceral and subcutaneous fat
  • Maintain lean muscle (even during low calorie intakes)
  • Enhance muscle hardness and density
  • Improve vascularity
  • Provide rapid results in as little as 30 days

Note: These claims are very similar to what users of the original Anavar have reported.

How to Take Oxanivar

Muscle Labs USA recommends 1-2 capsules an hour before working out. Use least 8 weeks.

Can Oxanivar Cause Side Effects?

According to Muscle Labs USA, Oxanivar is side effect free. While not triggering side effects like gynaecomastia, acne and hair loss, like the original steroid.

How much is Oxanivar?

You can buy a 60 capsule bottle for $55.00

Where Can I Buy Oxanivar?

Finally, purchase Oxanivar from the official Muscle Labs USA website. Click here to purchase legal steroids.

Other Legal Steroid Information

Anavar when adding mass and putting on pure, unadulterated mass. Because Anovar (OxAnivar) is so powerful, nicknamed the “Russian Anavar” for its unique and special mass building capabilities.

Common for reports of ten to thirty pounds of pure mass built the first month of use.

Anovar (OxAnivar) contains valuable hormones which have been found to enhance protein assimilation and biosynthesis as well as other anabolic & rebuilding activities.

This Legal and Effective Steroid, used by Russian Olympic Strength athletes for years to stimulate muscular development and growth. Manages appetite through regulation of blood sugar levels and boost red blood cell production, resulting in higher levels of endurance.

Advanced Clinical research shows Anovar (OxAnivar), when combined with a higher protein diet (400 to 500 grams daily). While delivering lean muscle mass gains of 6-7% and decreased body fat levels by over ten percent.

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