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Guggulsterone and Thyroid Hormones

Guggulsterone – Supplement Profile To begin the discussion about guggulipid, we must first talk about thyroid hormone. Thyroid hormones are very important for normal growth and development. Thyroid hormones maintain metabolic stability by regulating oxygen requirements, body weight, and intermediary metabolism. Thyroid hormones exert effects on thermogenesis and temperature regulation. Thyroid hormones can actually stimulate …

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Legal Clenbuterol Alternative

Clenbutrol: The Clenbuterol Alternative The original Clenbuterol has been a longstanding fat burning tool used by competitive bodybuilders the world over. Clenbuterol has been around for over 25 years and is still the must have of tool in many bodybuilding circles. Models, celebrities and fitness professionals have known to have taken this supplement to keep …

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